Important Information

We have found that “spoofed emails” were sent to our customers by using our employees’ names. In these “spoofed emails,” personal names of our employees were used to disguise such emails as ones sent by our employees. However, such emails included a different address or phone number from ours, or they were sent from email addresses whose domain names were “”, “”, etc. (Emails that we send you are supposed to have the domain name of “@”.)
These emails do not have any relationship with our company.
When you receive emails from us, please check the originator address. We are sorry to inconvenience you.

We would like you to delete emails sent from “”, “”, etc. without replying or making inquiry due to possible frauds. Furthermore, PCs are possibly infected with a virus. We have taken adequate measures, and we would like you to keep your OS and antivirus software up to date.
In addition, we only use two bank accounts at Kamata-Ekimae Branch of MUFG Bank, Ltd. and at Fujisawa Branch of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation for our business dealings. If information on the change of our banks, our bank accounts or our account name, and other matters related to our bank accounts is sent to you via email under our employee’s name or our company’s name, highly sophisticated fraud is suspected. We are sorry to trouble you but if you receive such information, we would like you to let our contact personnel know.
We would appreciate your special attention.