'AN-PAK' Line

Oshikiri has developed a completely automated system for yeast pocket buns (AN-PAN), and for filled and folded buns (CREAM/JAM BUN).

These buns which weigh from 95 to 140 grams (dough and filling) can be produced at a rate of 6,000 pcs/hr.

This fully automated system for homogenized products drastically reduces the number of operators needed, yet still produces a stable high quality product without expensive manual operation.

External seeders for the AN-PAN, and slitting for the filled and folded products is available.

Dough Divider & Rounder

Dough Divider Model DGK

  1. Precision and Flexibility
    Pressure feed to dough changeable, divides dough with optimum pressure. Sucking stroke of main ram and knife changeable. Sucking stroke of main ram and knife changeable. Flexible setting of dividing mode and timing of each component with a basic program in compliance with dough weight and machine speed. Optional Auto-checker system enables highly precision dividing weight compensation even when batch shifting (only for model DKX & DMX).
  2. Long Life
    Replaceable front & bottom plate of dough chamber (i. e. sliding part) just by screwing.
    Division head does not contact with sliding parts.
    Replaceable dough chamber just by screwing.
    Lubricating amount adjustable point by point for auto-lubricator.
  3. Easy Cleaning
    Components moves to cleaning position by one touch on touch screen.
    Equipped with cleaning aid device for main ram and knife.
    Even flip side easily cleaned.
  4. Maintenance saving
    Easily accessible configuration.
    One-touch replaceable conveyor belt.
    Lubricating points decreased by 50% in comparison with our conventional model.
    Touch screen displays a message for lubrication when it is time.

Gyratory Rounder Model RGH

  1. The volume of dough becomes larger with less dough damages.
  2. No dough leakage as dough pieces are rounded by eccentric movement when intermittent moving rounder belt is stopped.
  3. There is not heat due to no friction with metal as umbrella and bar typed rounders and cooling facility is not required.
  4. Doubled dough pieces and proofer empty trays are removed by electrical interlocking with the divider.
  5. Gyratory cups are selected from 5 kinds of cups and can replaced with one-touch.
  6. Tightness of rounding can be adjustable with changing the number of revolution and height of cups.


Intermediate Proofer Model PB8

  • Standard Proofer (eight pockets across), synchronous device between Divider/Rounder and Proofer eliminates empty pockets.
  • One-touch replacement with plastic cups.
  • Dustpans under tray chains prevent contamination.
  • Independent drive eliminates product loss when up-stream operations are down.


Moulder Model MG

  • Less damaged products with larger sheeting rollers.
  • Turn over the products after first sheeting, makes balanced moisture for the dough; better and stable production.
  • Individual speed change for each sheeting roller.
  • With ejector for the doubles.
  • Quiet operation with timing belting.


"An-Pack" for Pockets products Model FM4

  • Suitable for the Pocket and Filled/folded products.
  • Max. 6,000 pcs/hr.
  • Wide weigh range from 95 to 140 grams (Dough + Filling) will fit various products.
  • Sanitary plastic cups.
  • With seeder for sweet bun and slit for the folded items.
  • Excellent alignment for the products with switching conveyor and variable width for the products across.
  • Designed for no foreign material contamination.
11Depositor 71Press unit for bean jam bun
21Press unit for bean jam filling 81Water spray
3Forming unit for bean jam bun 9Sesame seeder
4Forming unit for Parker house roll 10Cutting stitch unit for Parker house roll
5Press unit for Parker house roll 11Diverting conveyor
6Turn-over unit for bean jam bun 12Width guide conveyor

Moulder presses and degasses dough in three steps.

Positions dough and neatly put them on the trays.

Dough is stretched and twice-folded to cover the rest half in case of Parker House roll.

Bean jam bun is rounded with the dough wrapping the filling from six radial directions.

A unit to convey products for easier processing.

Turn the dough around for appropriate spacing on a pan.

Beautifully aligned and panned.

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