Microwave Proofing System


System layout

What is Microwave Proofing System ?

Divided and rounded dough pieces are irradiated by microwave to rise dough temperature about 5°C, which leads to promotion of relaxation of dough structure, expansion of gas in the dough, and acceleration/shortening of proofing time by helping fermentation of yeast.

Proofing time cuts down to half of conventional proofing time

  • Graph 1 shows the comparison of conventional proofing and microwave irradiation treatment for dough specific gravity after dividing and rounding dough.
    Specific gravity after 15 minutes conventional proofing is equivalent to 7.5 minutes microwave irradiation treatment.
  • Graph 2 shows the comparison of pressure value required to the rollers when moulding the dough after dividing and rounding.
    As same as specific gravity value, pressure value after 15 minutes conventional proofing is equivalent to 7.5 minutes microwave irradiation treatment.
As result of these experiments,
microwave irradiation treatment can be cut down to half of conventional proofing time.
The quality such as taste, smell of bread make little difference from conventional Proofing.



Home line dough make-up equipment

1.Two rows small divider for connection of Gyrator
< Model DQG >

Compact Divider/Rounder to handle 30 to 230 grams of variety bread dough

  • Cassette type of pocket to fit dough weight
  • Advancement of cleaning by construction improvement of product zone
  • Sanitation by separation of product zone and driving system/advancement of maintenance

2.Gyratory Rounder < Model GQS >

The first gyratory small rounder for variety bread

  • Changeable rounding eccentric amount according to dough weight
  • Variety rounding by easy cup replacement
  • Easy daily maintenance with see-through cover

Model DQG specifications

No. of pocket 2 (Cassette type of pockets)
30 - 230g
Stroke/min 10 - 20st.
(every 2 strokes adjustable)
Capacity 1200 - 2400 pcs/hr
45 liters
main drive : 1.5kW
W 810mm
Approx. 1000kg

Model GQS specifications

Gyratory type
No. of rounding
1 station
No. of cup 2cups x 5 = 10cups
up & down of cup
: 1.5kW
gyration of cup
: 0.75kW
conveyor drive
: 0.75kW
spin roller
: 40W
brush roller
: 0.1kW
W 1333mm
Approx. 1200kg

3.Two rows conveyor Microwave
< Model MWS >

Microwave rising temperature unit to promote relaxation of dough construction and to shorten proofing time

  • Controllable output according to dough weight
  • Continuous treatment in two rows
  • Easy operation with programming selection

Model MWS specifications

Max. output of
white bread (230g)
: 1500pcs/hr
variety (30 - 110g)
: 2000pcs/hr
Required electric
(Input Power
: 5kVA)
: 1kW x 2
conveyor drive
: 90W
spin roller
: 40W
shutter drives
: 40W x 2
W 1352mm
Machine weight Approx. 300kg

4.Two rows belt driving proofer < Model PQA >

Belt drive type of proofer from new viewpoint

  • Less noise and energy saving by using less metal.
  • New design prevents food contamination.
  • Easy removing tray
  • Oil-free

Model PQA specifications

No. of tray 60 trays
Capacity 2400 pcs/hr
(7.5min.as standard)
Proofing time 7.5min.as standard
Dough weight 30 - 230g
Required electric main drive : 0.2kW
flour duster : 90W
Machine dimensions W 1650mm
Machine weight Approx. 1500kg

5.Single row moulder with infeed conveyor
< Model WFS >

New type of evolved moulder from the function of WF moulder

  • Using two stages roller soft to the dough
  • Reduction of dough damage by relief mechanism
  • Digital display for adjustment
  • Better cleaning and maintenance

Model WFS specifications

Capacity 230g : 3000pcs/hr
30g : 4500pcs/hr
Dough weight 30 - 230g
Dia. of rollers upper : 85mm
lower : 100mm
Roller clearance upper : 9 - 14mm
lower : 1 - 9mm
Roller speeds 20 - 46m/min
Height of pressure board 10 - 50mm
Range of width plate 100 - 330mm
Required electric main drive
: 0.4kW
Machine dimensions W 3215mm
Machine weight Approx. 350kg

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