'NAAN & PITA' Line

Diverse dietary cultures have produced many kinds of ethnic foods which are considered to be healthier than other products.

Some of the dough type foods which are considered healthier are the Naan and Pita which are hand made in the Middle East, and are desired because of their leaner ingredients.

Although highly suitable for various side dishes, Naan and Pita have now been valued as the main staple of many meals.

Let us show you how Oshikiri can produce hand made taste using our automatic bread production system.

Naan & Pita Line
30 - 110g 5,000 pcs/h

Dough Divider & Rounder

Dough Divider Model DG4

  1. Precision and Flexibility
    Pressure feed to dough changeable, divides dough with optimum pressure. Sucking stroke of main ram and knife changeable. Sucking stroke of main ram and knife changeable. Flexible setting of dividing mode and timing of each component with a basic program in compliance with dough weight and machine speed. Optional Auto-checker system enables highly precision dividing weight compensation even when batch shifting (only for model DKX & DMX).
  2. Long Life
    Replaceable front & bottom plate of dough chamber (i. e. sliding part) just by screwing.
    Division head does not contact with sliding parts.
    Replaceable dough chamber just by screwing.
    Lubricating amount adjustable point by point for auto-lubricator.
  3. Easy Cleaning
    Components moves to cleaning position by one touch on touch screen.
    Equipped with cleaning aid device for main ram and knife.
    Even flip side easily cleaned.
  4. Maintenance saving
    Easily accessible configuration.
    One-touch replaceable conveyor belt.
    Lubricating points decreased by 50% in comparison with our conventional model.
    Touch screen displays a message for lubrication when it is time.

Gyratory Rounder Model RG4

  1. The volume of dough becomes larger with less dough damages.
  2. No dough leakage as dough pieces are rounded by eccentric movement when intermittent moving rounder belt is stopped.
  3. There is not heat due to no friction with metal as umbrella and bar typed rounders and cooling facility is not required.
  4. Doubled dough pieces and proofer empty trays are removed by electrical interlocking with the divider.
  5. Gyratory cups are selected from 5 kinds of cups and can replaced with one-touch.
  6. Tightness of rounding can be adjustable with changing the number of revolution and height of cups.


Intermediate Proofer Model PB8

  • Resin made cups can be exchanged by one-touch for easier sanitation.
  • Residue Catch Pan is located under drive chain to prevent foreign objects from being mixed.
  • Single operation system continues working even when the prior equipment stops, no dough is wasted.



Two-step type Moulder

  • Special Teflon coated durable roller prevents sticking dough and provides excellent sheeting.
  • Various dough can be treated by selection of optional unit and fixed speed.

Final Proofer & Shaping zone

Travelling Tray Type Final Proofer Model FPL

Accumulating unit before Final Proofer

From Final Proofer to Shaping zone

Oil shower

Patterning unit

Baked product cooled and conveyed to a packaging machine

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